Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois was developed by two hairdressing professionals with some 20 years of industry experience between them.

For years, Nicki and Sheree Bruce have struggled with load after load of bulky cotton towels in the wash at the end of each busy day in their Brisbane salon. The pair contemplated a better, simpler alternative. One that would save them time and cost in the laundry, and be friendlier on the environment. Cue the lightbulb moment.

When the idea of a hair chamois came to them, and they discovered the additional benefits such a product would have for their customers (in regards to efficiencies in drying and then also blow-drying time, as well as less stress on the hair shaft than traditional cotton towels), there was no doubt that this product was not just a great idea, but a necessity in salons and bathrooms everywhere.

The Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois is made of an ultra-absorbent, ultra-durable, non toxic PVA chamois material and soaks up to 10 times its weight in water. Lightweight and compact, they’ve designed it with extra length to ensure even the thickest and longest hair can be wrapped effectively.

Nicki and Sheree have gone to great lengths to research and develop this product, even before they carried out lengthy testing in their own salon setting. They are confident that the Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois, with all its many benefits and advantages, will be embraced by hairdressers and the general public alike.