It’s a wrap! The ultimate in hair drying is here: Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois

Did you know hair is in its most fragile state when wet? Wet hair is weak hair. For this reason alone, you should take great care when drying your locks.

Using an eco-friendly Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois halves the time it takes to dry hair the traditional way and requires a lot less friction than traditional methods using a cotton or microfiber towel. Less drying time, less friction and less blow-drying means less stress on the hair shaft and ultimately happier, healthier hair.

Whether you and your family are using the Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois in your bathroom at home, or if you are a hairdresser/salon owner who uses the Wyld Daisy Hair Chamois on a daily basis with your customers, the haircare benefits and advantages for business make this product a genuine asset.